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Media Release
Thursday 23 November 2017


Rural investment specialist, MyFarm has launched a $13 million investment into the lease and development of four Hawkes Bay Orchards to exclusively supply the niche export apple brand RockitTM.
Rockit Global holds the world-wide exclusive license for PremA96 or RockitTM apples. One of the company’s challenges has been growing sufficient apples to meet global demand. In 2017 RockitTMproduction was 40% higher than the season before, the crop sold out several months earlier than in 2016 and delivered a price increase to growers.
The miniature snack apples, sold in a distinctive plastic tube, are now grown under license in 9 countries and sold in airports, sports stadiums, and in cafés in 29 countries.
MyFarm Chief Executive, Andrew Watters says it has worked closely with Rockit Global to create a one-off opportunity for New Zealanders to share in the Rockit Apple success story.
Rākete Orchards Limited Partnership will lease and fund the planting of 55 hectares across four orchard blocks in the Heretaunga Plains of Hawkes Bay. This will be the only new planting of new orchards with RockitTM apple trees in New Zealand in 2018.
Rockit Global will provide the RockitTM apple trees, orchard management services, packing and storing and markets and sell the RockitTM apples offshore.
The Rākete Orchards lease model, with a term of 18 years plus two rights of renewal of 5 years each, suits the production of the trade marked apple which has a further 22 years to run under its plant variety rights.
MyFarm is forecasting that Rākete Orchards Limited Partnership will generate a higher return than the darling of NZ horticulture, Gold3 Kiwifruit. Watters says investors are forecast to receive the value of their original investment back within seven years, and on a nominal basis earn 12.7 times their investment. He says the forecast Internal Rate of Return of 25% p.a. accounts for the different timing of returns over the 28-year period.
“It’s a stunning product and an outstanding, unusual investment opportunity. Like Zespri, Rockit has cleverly marketed its niche as a sweet crisp, small apple perfect for snacking and then carefully controlled its licensing and supply.”
Applications for the Rākete Orchards Limited Partnership offer for 1,300 parcels of $10,000 closes on Friday 15 December 2017. Investor funds will be called over 16 months following the offer period.

Watters says investors respond swiftly to opportunities to access returns from the pipfruit industry.  MyFarm’s $3.6 million capital raise to purchase a Hawkes Bay apple orchard in July was fully subscribed within one week of issue.
Key Information:


  • MyFarm is seeking to raise $13.0 million to form Rākete Orchards Limited Partnership by 15 December.
  • Projected IRR of 25% p.a.
  • Includes exclusive access to New Zealand owned Plant Variety Rights (PVR). 
  • Minimum investment $100,000, called over 16 months.
  • Forecast payback of original investment in year 7.
  • See full details at

About MyFarm
MyFarm is a specialist syndication business providing land-based investment opportunities into dairy farms, sheep and beef farms, the horticulture sector and rural commercial property. It has more than $500 million of rural assets under management.


Andrew Watters
MyFarm Chief Executive
P 029 440 6605


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