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Esk Valley Orchard

New Zealand apple growers have been enjoying double digit returns for the past 4 years, which is why demand is high for premium Hawke’s Bay apple orchards.

Why invest in apples?

Like kiwifruit, our apple industry has invested heavily in developing new varieties and carefully controlling their release through a licensing system that provides added value to the grower.

The effect of this has been magnified through advances in technology and growing practices that have seen production yields per hectare almost double on some orchards. The benefits are plain to see, particularly for apple growers in our largest pipfruit region, Hawke’s Bay, where MPI data shows an average 18% cash return between 2013 and 2016.

Location: Hawke’s Bay
Size: 25.6 canopy ha
Lessee: Large scale apple grower and orchard conversion specialist
Lease term: 10 years with ROR 5+5

Forecast returns: 5.91% p.a. first 3 years from July 2017 (development phase).13.1% p.a. from year 4
Total capital raise: $3.3 million
Minimum investment: $100,000
Offer closes: Now closed



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