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Rākete Orchards Investment

Specialist variety
export apple growing operation

A one-off Hawkes Bay orchard lease and development opportunity for the exclusive supply of niche export brand – Rockit apples.

Rockit is the world’s first miniature apple. Developed in New Zealand and launched in 2010, it has become a runaway export success story, marketed globally as a snack apple and now sold in 29 countries. An exclusive global licence means Rockit apples command a premium price worldwide, with demand far exceeding supply.

  • Projected IRR of 25% p.a.
  • Includes exclusive access to New Zealand owned Plant Variety Rights (PVR) for Rockit apples. 
  • Minimum investment $100,000, called over 16 months.
  • Forecast payback of original investment in year 7.
  • Investment offer closes: Now closed 


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