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Zespri confirms SunGold forecast price increase

Zespri’s Board this week has confirmed its forecast pricing for the 2021 season increasing the returns for SunGold kiwifruit to $11.05/tray (up from $10.92./tray) or the equivalent of $ 169,000/hectare for the average SunGold kiwifruit orchard.

This news came hot off the press from Zespri’s Chief Grower, Industry & Sustainability Officer, Carol Ward during yesterday’s webinar ‘Kiwifruit – Where to from here’.

For anyone with an interest in our thriving kiwifruit sector, this webinar recording will make excellent viewing. Below we’ve noted a few of the topics covered by Carol and NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated CEO, Colin Bond.

To view the recording click on the button below. We have also included the Information Memorandum for our current SunGold kiwifruit offer, Gold Income LP, below for your convenience.

  • 3’00” - Zespri coming to the end of another record season which saw them export 177mn trays, new forecast prices confirmed by Zespri Board this week.
  • 6’40” The season of Disruption in shipping and logistics – the advantages of Zespri chartering own ships
  • 10’40” Keeping demand ahead of supply - Why Zespri has decided to halve the amount of new SunGold licence available at the 2022 tender from 700 to 350 cha.
  • 15’31” How NZKGI’s 3000 grower members have responded to the reduction in SunGold licence.
  • 17’00” 2022 is the first commercial season for Zespri’s Ruby Red Kiwifruit – what is the market outlook for this variety?
  • 20’06” What is it like to grow Ruby Red? How do growers view the variety as a new option in their orchards?
  • 25’35” The threat of unlicenced Gold kiwifruit plantings in China – how could it disrupt the NZ sector?
  • 29’19” The ongoing impact of PSA disease on NZ orchard productivity.
  • 34’05” The role of Hi-Cane in orchards and market pressure to phase it out. What alternatives are being explored?
  • 40’00” What are the future market opportunities for Zespri?
  • 43’00” What strategies are growers using in the current labour shortage

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