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Apples exports have more than double in value over the last decade with export volume reaching $825 million in 2021

Deregulation of our apple industry has created a smaller number of large, vertically integrated fruit production and post-harvest operators. A more consolidated structure has led to higher fruit quality standards, enabled longer term supply contracts with large overseas retailers, and driven more consistent volumes through post-harvest facilities. It has also provided access to more capital for investment in growing technologies and new trademarked apple varieties (club varieties) that are delivering price premiums to growers. In Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s largest apple growing region, more than 50% of orchards are planted in varieties with IP protection – an increase of 20-30% on the early 2000s.

These factors have created significant competitive advantages for our apple industry, including sustained profitability for growers and other industry operators.

Rockit™ Apples

Rockit™ is a miniature apple developed in Hawke’s Bay, packaged in a tube, and sold in high value markets overseas as a premium snack food. 

Rockit Global has rights to the Rockit™ Apple PVR and is responsible for granting growing licenses and providing trees for orchard development. It also handles packing, storing and marketing Rockit™ apples. The Plant Variety Right (PVR) has around 17 years to run (expiring June 2039) and the trademark's protections are enduring.

The forecast high OGRs that Rockit Global Limited (RGL) has been able to achieve for its suppliers are a result of the quality of the apples (small, red, sweet and crisp with good shelf life), a Zespri-like approach to marketing and promotion, and the global supply and commercialisation rights, that have enabled it to undertake and capture all the benefits of brand development and promotion.

With the addition of independent growers and MyFarm syndicates, Rockit Global now has a New Zealand grower supply base of 652 canopy hectares, globally.

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